Mediline Isothermal Solutions S.A. was founded by Mr. Konstantinos Dontis, a Biomedical Engineer in 1994, starting with the Gel Ice Packs production and introducing Temperature Controlled Packaging in 2004. Today, the Company’s Headquarters are located in the industrial Zone of Oinofyta Viotias, 55 km outside of Athens, Greece. Its premises consist of approximately 4.400 square meters covered area in an 8.000 square meters plot. Mediline Isothermal Solutions employs 23 people in all fields of activities as Management, Sales, Production and R&D. The year 2014 has been of pivotal importance for the Company’ growth, as Mediline Isothermal Solutions S.A. proceeded into materializing a Strategy of Expansion in New Markets, thus establishing its new offices in Istanbul Turkey. Its Production Facility in Turkey has commenced its operations within the 3rd quarter of 2015. Furthermore, the Company proceeded in establishing its new offices in Boston, USA within the 3rd quarter of 2015 and is keen on engaging into similar actions in other foreign Markets of interest within 2016.

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